Leadership for Mobile Learning

CoSN's LML initiative helps educational leaders overcome the barriers and develop, plan, implement, and manage policies and best practices to effectively enable mobile learning. Digital transformation is becoming a reality in many districts, while others are just beginning their journey. The LML initiative provides resources that are on-point and relevant to district leaders in the “new normal” of constant change. CoSN is grateful to the following sponsors for their support of this initiative: Best Buy, C. Blohm & Associates, Filewave, Fortinet, Google, JAMF Software, Pearson, SchoolMessenger, and Sunesys.

Digital Transformation: Recipe for Success

What do successful districts have in common? What do struggling districts miss? Find out what pioneering districts have learned in our Recipe for Transformation.






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Critical CTO Conversations: Bringing Technology and Academic District Leaders Together: Academic goals and the technology that support them are inextricably intertwined in districts taking the digital leap. Achieving a successful transformation requires a close partnership between the district technology and academic leaders. Technology leaders need to understand the classroom implications of their decisions and academic officers need to to understand the technology implications. Conversations between the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Academic Officer (CAO) are critical in aligning technology and academic initiatives. These conversations should be centered around purpose, policy, vision, logistics, communication and marketing.



Check out these candid, pragmatic videos of district technology leaders sharing their experiences from the trenches. Find 2-3 minute nuggets on topics ranging from Setting A Vision to Evaluating Success to Dealing with Equity.

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Marie Bjerede, LML Project Director, discusses the newly re-vamped initiative.