Ed Tech Next Reports

Ed Tech Next reports are periodic publications which examine hot emerging technologies ranging from data to infrastructure to green computing. Designed for busy professionals, these reports provide quick snapshots of a rapidly changing field, giving you succinct summaries of the issues as well as discussion questions or case studies to guide your thinking. This report series is consistently rated as one of our most valuable member benefits.

The Latest Report - Micro-Credentials and Badges

School systems nationwide are increasingly using meaningful credentials and badges to recognize students and educators alike. The Summer 2017 issue of EdTechNext examines this innovative trend—and how schools are leveraging these distinctions to expand student skills and encourage professional development in modern learning settings.

Through real examples, the report details how micro-credentialing is supporting teaching and learning in specific school systems by: 

  • Building students’ skills in in-demand career pathways, with a particular focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Identifying gaps in the curriculum and creating micro-credential challenges to fill those needs while developing practical competencies.
  • Giving teachers the opportunity to engage in personalized professional development anywhere at anytime.
  • Streamlining and standardizing professional development content, which ensures educators receive consistent training.
Past EdTech Next Reports Include:
  • Digital Tools for Problem-Based Learning (2017)
  • Students as Digital Creators (2016)
  • Identity and Access Management: Fundamentals for Securing Student Data and Privacy (2015)
  • Dimensions in Learning: Visualizing, Designing, and Making in 3D (2015)
  • Learning Analytics: Using Data to Personalize Teaching and Learning (2014)
  • Small Screens, Big Plans: Building Mobile into your Content Application and Strategy (2014)
  • Security and Privacy of Cloud Computing (2013)
  • Online Communities of Practice: Ecosystems for Professional Growth (2012)
  • Safe and Secure? Managing the Risk of Personal Devices (2012)
  • Flexile Mobile Platforms (2012)
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