The Framework of Essential Skills of the K-12 CTO is comprised of three primary professional categories that sum up the work you do in the education technology field. These categories encompass 10 specific skill areas which outline the responsibilities and knowledge needed to be a viable educational technology leader.

The Framework is the body of knowledge upon which CoSN’s CETL® exam is based on and is the guide to everything a successful CTO needs to know and do. All of CoSN's professional resources are based on the Framework.

CoSN's Framework of Essential Skills

Effective CTOs also practice Core Values and Skills which extend through all 10 skill areas, including being an Effective Communicator and Innovator, Exhibiting Courage, and Being Flexible, Adaptable, and Results-Oriented. These represent the critical personal skills and behaviors necessary for accomplishing everything else identified in the Framework.

The CoSN Framework of Essential Skills focuses on individual skills while the CoSN Digital Leap Success Matrix focuses on infrastructure and environmental variables.

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