Leadership & Vision

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CoSN works to improve the leadership of district administrators who believe that digitally rich learning environments are essential to improving students' 21st century learning skills. We empower district leaders with the tools they need to effectively lead and define the vision for transformative changes in how students learn.

Student access to robust digital tools is key to their success as 21st-century citizens, yet many students from economically disadvantaged families have limited access to these tools both at school and at home. CoSN is working to close the access gap for learning no matter where students are.
CoSN is committed to sharing high-quality trend reports that support the use of emerging technology in K-12 education to transform learning.
Three short reports will be released throughout the year. The reports are built around three themes:
  • Hurdles.  Obstacles that make participants slow down, evaluate, practice and then make the leap to better support teaching and learning
  • Accelerators.  Megatrends that drive change – sometimes suddenly over time so gradually the implications aren’t readily apparent.
  • Tech Enablers.  Tools that support smoother leaps over the hurdles and expansive changes in global K-12 education.
Superintendents can make or break educational technology initiatives. CoSN collaborates with superintendents to assess their challenges and increase their capacities to lead technology efforts. This focus area is dedicated to helping superintendents, aspiring superintendents, and district leadership teams build their knowledge, skills, and confidence.
CoSN is committed to fostering a global dialogue focusing on the strategic uses of education technology. We believe that learning from other countries is an important aspect of professional development for ed tech leaders in the U.S. Learn about the ways that CoSN is involving the international community in this important conversation.
CoSN's annual IT Leadership Survey paints a picture of the current trends in the ed tech field. What are the biggest challenges your peers face, and what are they most excited about? Where do you fit in the national landscape of ed tech leaders?
Balancing the benefits of technology advances with the need to protect student privacy and data is a major challenge. CoSN's Protecting Student Privacy in Connected Learning initiative helps walk you through how to navigate your data in compliance with current privacy laws.
More than half of school districts and about one-third of public schools in the United States are in rural areas.  Rural districts have a unique challenge, ranging from poverty and vast travel distances to a lack of affordable internet access.  Twenty-three percent of children in rural areas were poor in 2016 according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. CoSN is committed to developing resources to support rural districts.