Kathy Hurley Private Sector Champion

CoSN works with many companies and individuals in the private sector who are making important contributions to education technology. Each year we recognize one person who has had an outstanding impact on the ed tech community outside of the confines of his or her job.


All CoSN members who work in the private sector are eligible. Past winners have included leaders from education and technology companies and beyond. The winner is selected each year by CoSN leadership and announced at the CoSN Annual Conference in April. There is no nomination process for this award.

Past Winners

2018: Gus Schmedlen

2017: Sean McDonough, National Technology Education Consultant, Edmentum

2016: John Harrington, CEO, Funds for Learning

2015: Gary Mainor, Pearson

2014: Vicki Bigham, Bigham Technology Solutions

2013: Michael Flood, Kajeet

2012: Elizabeth Crawford, HP

2011: Robert Moore, Dell

2010: Anne Wujcik, MDR

2009: Nick Mirisis, SchoolDude.com

2008: Christopher Brown, Pearson

2007: Farimah Schuerman, Academic Business Advisors

2006: Lillian Kellogg, ENA

2005: Linda Winter, The Winter Group

2004: David Byer, Apple

2003: Steve Kohn, Verizon

2002: Jennifer House, Classroom Contact

2001: Kathy Hurley, Netschools

2000: Jeanne Hayes, Quality Education Data