New K-12 Education Report Goes 3D in the Classroom

CoSN’s Latest EdTechNext Issue: ‘Dimensions in Learning: Visualizing, Designing and Making in 3D’
Washington, DC
Friday, March 27, 2015

Washington, DC (March 27, 2015) – In schools nationwide, attractive new technologies are taking the shape of 3D – and their benefits are real. CoSN’s (Consortium for School Networking’s) newest report out today explores this transformation and how modern 3D technologies are opening new dimensions in learning.

The exploration is CoSN’s latest EdTechNext report – a periodic publication about forward-looking issues and emerging technologies in K-12.

“3D is capturing the attention of leaders in educational circles, and that focus needs to be on the ‘why’ – not the ‘wow,’” said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. “Educators should consider the real value of 3D for our students toward improving academic results, expanding scientific discovery, and enhancing both spatial thinking and task performance. These are just some of the advantages as the digital revolution gains further momentum from these technologies.”

Dimensions in Learning: Visualizing, Designing and Making in 3D explains the 3D learning families (visualizing, designing and making) across learning applications, in hardware / software and through current examples. Sony SmartEyeglass, for example, is an augmented reality concept that uses eyewear to present user-controlled notifications and information, such as text messages.

The report also provides key “3D definitions” and explains the processes of how the 3D learning families (i.e., cost, time and professional development resources) are being introduced in classrooms. 

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