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Welcome to the CoSN Small Districts site serving small school districts and independent, charter and religious schools up to 2,500 students. 
If you are looking for more support, networking, collaboration, and professional development, you have come to the right place.
Learn how CoSN is responding to the needs of its independent, charter, religious, and small school districts.
Small school districts and independent, charter and religious schools share unique challenges; however, we do not need to solve them alone. CoSN, the Small District Leadership Committee, and the Independent, Charter and Religious Schools Leadership Committees are working together to provide an online community in which school technology leaders can be heard and where our voices can create a network of collaboration, advocacy, and resources for professional development. 
Our goal is to help you achieve excellence. The stronger we make our community, the more effective we will become in our own individual districts and schools. Remember, small school systems get big results. Join us today!
Small District Monthly Hangouts
SAVE THE DATE: Friday, January 20 at 1:00 pm EST
SAVE THE DATE: Friday, February 17 at 1:00 pm EST
SAVE THE DATE: Friday, March 17 at 1:00 pm EST
CoSN Resources Tailored for Small District Technology Leaders
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Mobile learning and digital transformation mean having the technological and human infrastructure in place to continually evolve teaching. It means doing more with less due to the unique challenges small district leaders face. That is why many small district leaders turn to CoSN resources—they help small districts get the most bang for their buck when implementing a digital leap.
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What technology is needed as a district to move from basic to transformational learning environments? This guide addresses the challenges and steps school districts have taken when implementing Smart Networks and Wi-fi in schools.
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How can districts be a pioneer when it comes to the hot-button issue of privacy? From designating a privacy official to creating informed parents, the Privacy Toolkit and Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Certification lets your community and parents know that your district has implemented aspirational, yet achievable practices in ensuring the privacy of student data. Earn the TLE seal to demonstrate your privacy leadership today.
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