CoSN, in partnership with Digital Promise, has developed one of the  first set of micro-credentials for school system technology leaders. Micro-credentials are a new professional advancement opportunity that targets administrators and emerging leaders to enhance their skill sets in implementing a digital learning environment.


What are Micro-Credentials?

To provide a professional advancement opportunity that is flexible, personalized, and skill-based, CoSN has developed micro-credentials for existing and emerging leaders. Learning in the digital age takes different forms and earning micro-credentials increases your capacity in tackling the current issues of implementing a technology program. With this in mind, CoSN has developed two timely micro-credential stacks geared toward leaders supporting today’s tech-integrated classrooms: Digital Equity and Student Data Privacy
The Digital Equity stack consists of: 
1.    Foundations of Digital Equity: Understanding the Homework Gap
2.    Identifying Gaps in Digital Equity
3.    Engaging Stakeholders to Address Gaps in Digital Equity
4.    Creating a District Plan for Digital Equity
5.    Implementing a District Plan for Digital Equity
The Student Data Privacy stack consists of: 
1.    Foundations of Student Data Privacy
2.    Determining Your School District’s Data Privacy Needs
3.    Communicating with Parents and Community Stakeholders
4.    Evaluating an Online Service Provider
5.    Professional Development for Teachers and Support Staff


How do they work?

Based on the Digital Promise framework, each micro-credential:
  • focuses on a single competency
  • has a key method that is backed by research
  • requires the submission of evidence
  • includes a rubric 
Applicants develop the required evidence and submit it through the online platform. Each micro-credential requires evidence such as a written plan, video, or event. An expert assessor will review the evidence using the rubric and provide feedback. If the submission is successful, the earner will be awarded the micro-credential in the form of a digital badge. Please click below to access the online platform and apply for the micro-credentials!