Linnette Attai, CoSN Project Director - Data Privacy & Trusted Learning Environment Program
September 14, 2021
Back to school season is in full swing. It’s a time of fresh starts and new beginnings for the entire school district. Of course, past challenges haven’t gone away, but the season serves as a reminder that we can approach old challenges with clear eyes and a new perspective.
Frankie J. Jackson, CETL, NCSP, RTSBA
September 10, 2021
In the business sector, costs and benefits are scrutinized before purchasing occurs. As a result, investment decisions are grounded in verifiable methods with quantifiable variables. But that’s not always the case for EdTech leaders.
Melissa Tebbenkamp, CETL CIO Raytown Quality Schools (MO)
September 7, 2021
Leadership is hard. There are days that it comes with great reward, and others where it stretches you beyond what you thought were your limits . . . and sometimes, leadership helps you find yourself.  
Anthony Kingston, CETL Chief Technology Officer Alabaster City Schools (AL)
August 31, 2021
As with most things, the 12th annual ASU+GSV Summit was put on hold with all our worlds being turned upside down by COVID-19. After a year and a half, it was exciting to learn that the conference would happen again and in person. Participant safety, of course, was the priority.
Kevin Perkins, Technology Director, Rockingham County Public Schools (VA)
August 29, 2021
CoSN sat down with Kevin Perkins, Technology Director for TLE Seal recipient Rockingham County Public Schools to learn more about Rockingham’s journey to the TLE and how starting small, but with sustained efforts, can lead to big wins over time.  
Diane W. Doersch, CETL, Director of Technology for Verizon Innovative Learning Schools at Digital Promise
August 25, 2021
Back at my day job following ASU+GSV 2021, I’ve been reflecting upon the sessions I was able to attend. This was my first time attending this conference.
August 20, 2021
The EmpowerED Superintendents edWebinar Series will be back for its fourth season, starting on Monday, September 13, 2021. CoSN is pleased to partner with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and (as host) for this professional learning opportunity for school leaders.
Frankie J. Jackson, CETL, NCSP, RTSBA
August 17, 2021
We heard you!  Large districts have unique challenges.  NEW this fall, CoSN has created a new event for the edtech community. The Great Minds Series!
Nancy Mangum, CoSN Subject Matter Expert - Digital Equity
August 10, 2021
Some of life's best lessons are learned in the worst of times.  ~Ani DeFranco  
Laura Geringer, CoSN Driving K12 Project Director
August 6, 2021
Collaboration is key when it comes to change that really matters. For the last four years, CoSN assembles an international advisory board of educators, edtech leaders, and changemakers to inform K-12 innovation efforts to support student success.  
Christine Fox, Senior Director of External Relations
August 2, 2021
Martha Crean with Kelly May Vollmar Ed.D
July 30, 2021
Desert Sands Unified School District (CA), is a leader in educational technology, digital equity, and innovation.
Jill Brown, Ph.D., CoSN's Senior Manager Professional Advancement
July 27, 2021
As a lifelong learner, I am thrilled to be the newest member of the CoSN team. Our team and its members provide significant support for technology leaders K-12 institutions.
Jeremy Wickham, Director of Technology, North Shore School District 112 (IL)
July 20, 2021
In CoSN's newest Podcast, I discussed my experience with the Early Career K-12 CTO Academy. I am a graduate of the 2020-21 Academy cohort.
Philip Neufield, Ed.D, MBA, PMP Executive Officer - Information Technology; Fresno Unified School District (CA)
July 13, 2021
The pandemic peeled blinders from our eyes exposing ways people are excluded from digital opportunities like learning, employment, telehealth.  These are linked to digital access including internet access, devices, apps, know-why, know-how.     
Diane W. Doersch, CoSN Board Member
June 21, 2021
As Chair of CoSN’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and a former Chief Technology and Information Officer, I’ve been thinking about school district student and staff data.
George Sorrells, CETL
June 2, 2021
You are a Certified Education Technology Leader!  This certification is offered through CoSN (Consortium for School Networking).  Anyone who is successful in leading school technology knows “it takes a village” of different skills and backgrounds. Successful IT leadership means:
Michael Arensdorff, CETL, Senior Director of Technology, Oak Park Elementary School District 97, Illinois
May 24, 2021
As we approach the end of a school year in which we continued to grapple with the challenges of educating our students during a pandemic, it is a natural time for reflection.
Rod Houpe
June 3, 2020
I am a new CoSN Board Member.  I was the CIO of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (OH). Today, I am the Director of Business Development at ENA.  I am African-American.  
Paula Maylahn, CoSN Project Director - Interoperability Initiative
October 1, 2019
It can be difficult for IT Leaders to explain the importance of interoperability to education leaders who don’t have a technology background. Yet, interoperability has an enormous impact on teaching and learning effectiveness as well as costs.
Dr. Beth Holland, CoSN Digital Equity Project Director
September 26, 2019
In Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better, the authors assert that it is not possible to make improvements at scale without first measuring the outcomes of
Mark Racine, Chief Information Officer, Boston Public Schools
August 22, 2019
Last year, teachers across the country requested resources for more than 32,000 classroom technology projects through the national non-profit
Melissa Tebbenkamp, CETL
July 18, 2019
I’ve had a strong relationship with CoSN and have supported its goals for quite some time. I’m a founding member and chair-elect of CoSN’s Missouri state chapter and was one of the first people in the U.S. to attain certification as a Certified Education Technology Leader.
Marie Bjerede, CoSN Project Director - Leadership Initiatives
May 16, 2019
As technologies evolve, the number of internet-enabled devices connected to school networks increases exponentially. Many of these devices, however, were not designed with strong cybersecurity protections.
Beth Holland, EdD, CoSN Project Director - Digital Equity
May 9, 2019
Each year, CoSN’s Withrow CTO Award recognizes the extraordinary contributions of district Chief Technology Officers whose leadership has helped to transform their system.
Marie Bjerede, CoSN Project Director - Leadership Initiatives
May 2, 2019
About Cedarburg: Located 17 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Cedarburg School District (CSD) serves approximately 3,100 students. Cedarburg schools consistently achieve one of the state's top rankings in Math, Science, and Reading, and have a graduation rate of 99%.
Keith Bockwoldt, CETL
November 13, 2018
Ed tech leaders tend to use the terms peer review and technology audit interchangeably, but they are very distinct tools with different origin, purpose and application. Given the choice, I would opt for a peer review.
September 10, 2018
That first line from the Eagles hit song, “Hotel California” always comes to mind when I think about my experiences and times with CoSN.  I’ll come back to that story in a moment, but for now, I’m going to keep you in suspense.   
Doug Casey and Melissa Tebbenkamp
June 5, 2018
In the midst of important discussions on data privacy and security taking place across the nation, school leaders can easily forget how and why we adopted the array of applications that support learning and school operations. These systems did not arrive overnight.
January 8, 2018
As 2018 starts, I get lots of questions about what are the “most important” technologies and trends that will impact learning.  As head of the Consortium for School Networking, CoSN, it makes sense that our leaders and the media want to know where to focus their attention and budgets to have the
November 29, 2017
The 2018-2019 school CTO hiring season is upon us. Until recently, next year’s jobs often didn’t post until spring. Now, greater expectations of the CTO role and competition for candidates have triggered earlier and longer hiring processes.
Personalized Learning with Micro-credentials
August 23, 2017
CoSN supports edtech leaders who are dedicated to continued growth in their capacity to improve students’ learning with innovative, digital environments. We work to improve the human capacity of school systems by providing robust, thoughtful, and relevant professional advancement opportunities.
Dr. Preeta M. Banerjee
November 1, 2016
We recently held a webcast entitled The Evolution of Digital Education: Content to connections outside the classroom where we asked the following question:
February 26, 2016
CoSN's Empowered Superintendents initiative works to assess superintendents' challenges and increase their capacities to lead technology efforts.
February 11, 2016
The Southwest Educational Development Center (SEDC), an educational service center located in Cedar City, Utah, received a grant from the Utah State Office of Education to help educational technology professionals in Utah earn the coveted CoSN Certified
November 12, 2015
Earlier today, a group of senior ed tech leaders boarded a plane bound for India; they'll be participating in CoSN's latest International Delegation from now until November 23.
May 11, 2015
Charlene Blohm and Dennis Pierce led our first CETL Summit at the 2015 Annual Conference.
May 4, 2015
Charlene Blohm and Dennis Pierce led our first CETL Summit at the 2015 Annual Conference. This is the third post in a four-part series reviewing communications strategies discussed during the Summit.
April 27, 2015
Charlene Blohm and Dennis Pierce led our first CETL Summit at the 2015 Annual Conference. This is the second post in a four-part series reviewing communications strategies discussed during the Summit.
April 20, 2015
Charlene Blohm and Dennis Pierce led our first CETL Summit at the 2015 Annual Conference. This is the first post in a four-part series reviewing communications strategies discussed during the Summit. 
Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow
April 8, 2015
In anticipation of Leaders for Literacy Day on April 14th, CoSN asked several of our partners and volunteer leaders to write a few words about the importance of ed tech to literacy effo
February 25, 2015
This fall, we teamed with AASA and NSBA to launch Leading the Digital Leap, a joint campaign bringing together superintentendents, district tech leaders, and school boards to strengthen digital learning.
Ann McMullan
January 20, 2015
Ann McMullan participated in CoSN's Senior Delegation to Singapore last week and is sharing some of her highlights from the trip here.
January 6, 2015
Even though we specialize in American ed tech, we know that the world is increasingly interconnected. To give us the best possible view of the ed tech world, we need to keep in touch with our counterparts abroad and understand how other countries are pursuing 21st century learning.
December 11, 2014
We're adding one more celebration to our holiday line-up: a celebration of E-rate reform!
December 5, 2014
CoSN’s Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) program is designed to guarantee that you’ve mastered the knowledge and skills you need to give your district a 21st century learning environment.
September 16, 2014
E-rate reform has been a hot issue in ed tech for the past year, but all the conversations swirling around it can confuse what you really need to know. This summer, the FCC took the next step in E-rate reform, approving important changes to the program.
July 16, 2014
A recent report from the Ford and MacArthur Foundations addresses the key need for more technology talent in government and civil society. The report, A Future of Failure?
July 7, 2014
The annual ISTE conference is always packed full of sessions, meetings with vendors on the exhibit floor, networking, crowds, and, almost always, heat and humidity.
June 11, 2014
Who's going to the ISTE Annual Conference in a few weeks? A couple of CoSN staff members are heading down to Atlanta for it, and this week they're hard at work planning out their schedules for the event.
May 29, 2014
Big things are happening in our CETL program. If you haven't started studying for the exam yet, now's the perfect time. Why, you ask? A few reasons:
May 6, 2014
CoSN is a member of the new Connected Learning Alliance. James Bosco, one of the Alliance's members and Professor Emeritus at Western Michigan University, discusses his hopes for the initiative below. Stay tuned for more information!
March 6, 2014
We were so excited to release our spring 2014 EdTechNext Report yesterday!
February 4, 2014
Ed tech advocates have been eagerly awaiting details on President Obama's ConnectED initiative since it was mentioned in last week's State of the Union.
January 29, 2014
Last night's State of the Union covered dozens of topics, but ed tech advocates nationwide perked up when President Obama mentioned his hopes for the ConnectED program.
January 23, 2014
CoSN is a partner in the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Digital Learning Day, which will take place on Wednesday, February 5th (13 more days!). Want to celebrate with us?
January 14, 2014
Representative George Miller (D-CA), a tireless advocate for education technology, announced his retirement earlier this week. As we reflected on Rep. Miller’s accomplishments, we became newly aware of the profound impact he had during his 40 years in politics.
December 6, 2013
A number of things should be considered when it comes to preparing school networks for optimum performance.
December 2, 2013
Last week at the White House, President Obama recognized "Champions of Change" from the education field and reiterated the importance of delivering high-speed Internet to schools through his ConnectED initiative:
November 7, 2013
Our 2013-2014 webinar series kicks off on Tuesday! We're excited to feature an exceptional lineup of speakers who will lead discussions from now through May on cutting-edge issues in education technology. 
October 30, 2013
CTOs' job descriptions in 2013 would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. As technology transforms education and the world, leaders have had to evolve along with it. Keith Krueger, CoSN's CEO, says "In 1992 Price Waterhouse [assessed] that 80 percent of the job of any CIO was technical.
October 28, 2013
Connected Educator Month ( is ending with a bang. Join us for the last few CoSN events!
October 22, 2013
CoSN’s International Delegation just kicked off in Portugal! Do you wish you could be there?
September 24, 2013
We just opened registration for our 2014 Annual Conference here in Washington, DC. With its theme of Continuously Connected...Constantly Learning, the Conference how K-12 leaders can create digital learning ecosystems in today's hyper-connected world.
Ann Linson, East Noble School Corporation (IN)
August 26, 2013
School districts across the United States are faced with financial challenges when trying to support today’s students and their unique needs.