CoSN Survey Reveals Widespread Need for Increased Bandwidth

This week, CoSN released our key preliminary findings from a nationwide survey about broadband and the E-Rate. Nearly 450 K-12 ed tech leaders representing 44 states participated in the survey and overwhelmingly agreed that the E-Rate is in dire need of reform.

99% of districts will need greater Internet bandwidth and connectivity within the next 3 years, and more than 90% think the current E-Rate program is inadequate for their districts' needs. 

Among our other key findings are:

  • The two biggest barriers for broadband in schools are both cost-based: monthly fees and upfront expenses
  • 20 percent of districts identified geography as a barrier to school connectivity
  • 11 percent indicated their Internet providers were unable or unwilling to add capacity
  • Only 57 percent of elementary schools and 64 percent of secondary schools have all classrooms fully equipped with wireless Internet connectivity
  • More than 37 percent of districts participate in consortium buying, and some participate in more than one purchasing cooperative

We'll release complete survey results this fall, but for now you check out our summary report here.

Over the coming weeks, we'll submit our survey results to the FCC to help inform their decision on E-Rate reform (scheduled to come on October 16). Check in with us on to hear about the latest developments!