FCC Approves Historic E-rate Reform

We're adding one more celebration to our holiday line-up: a celebration of E-rate reform! Today, the FCC took a major step forward when it approved a historic $1.5 billion increase to the E-rate program. We've been working towards E-rate reform for over a year, joined by hundreds of our members. You responded to our annual E-rate and Infrastructure Survey and calls for comments with personal stories about how the increased funding would impact your programming and students. You helped paint a specific picture for us and the FCC of just how big an impact this increased funding would have. Your advocacy and passion informed the debate and proved absolutely crucial. Congratulations -- you did it!

Coupled with this summer's modernization of E-rate rules, the increased funding will give many more ed tech leaders the resources they need to launch their schools and districts into the 21st century. It's an unprecedented increase, raising the funding cap by over 60%, and will radically re-shape the way the program works going forward. On behalf of all our members, CoSN would like to thank the FCC, Chairman Wheeler, Commissioner Rosenworcel, and Commissioner Clyburn for their leadership on this issue. We're thrilled to see your advocacy and ours come to fruition.

CoSN CEO Keith Krueger said,

"The FCC's action today is a triumph for learning that reflects the world we live in and enables more personalized education. As we have seen year after year, America's classrooms do not have the needed technology infrastructure and related investments to cultivate learning environments that truly prepare students for college, career, and life. Today's vote paves that path for the current and next generation of America's youth."

Moving forward, we know CoSN members will continue to shape that path. Be sure to keep up on the latest developments by joining the CoSN Advocacy Network -- we're sure there will be updates still to come!