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Keith R. Krueger, CoSN CEO
June 23, 2021
EdTech Policy Roundtables Blog Co-convened by CoSN, Digital Promise & SETDA This is one of three blogs.  You can read others at SETDA on connectivity and Digital Promise on adapting learning to meet students.
Diane W. Doersch, CoSN Board Member
June 21, 2021
As Chair of CoSN’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and a former Chief Technology and Information Officer, I’ve been thinking about school district student and staff data.
SEND Advisory Committee, Mark Finstrom, Chair, Amy McLaughlin, Project Director
June 15, 2021
Information technology budgets involve significant expenditures, but there is more than one way to pay the bills. Identifying when it is advantageous to use capital funds versus operational funds can help districts build efficient and sustainable budgets to support their technology footprint.
George Sorrells, CETL
June 2, 2021
You are a Certified Education Technology Leader!  This certification is offered through CoSN (Consortium for School Networking).  Anyone who is successful in leading school technology knows “it takes a village” of different skills and backgrounds. Successful IT leadership means:
Christine Fox, Senior Director of External Relations
May 28, 2021