Call for Board Nominations

Empty boardroom

Calling All Leaders!

The nominations for CoSN's Board of Directors for 2017-18 are now closed.

In 2017, we will elect:
  • Two institutional members (from school districts, nonprofits, state DoEs, education service agencies, etc.) 
  • One corporate member
The CoSN Board for 2017-18 will contain 15 members. Institutional members are the largest group, plus 3 corporate members and 1 individual member. Our thoughtful, innovative, and strategic leaders help guide our mission and inform our decisions. 

What responsibilities and obligations does the Board have?

  • Represent the membership category from which one is elected
  • Serve a three-year term at the time of election. Board members may be re-elected for a second term, but may not serve more than 6 consecutive years (except in service as CoSN Chair)
  • Commit to attend three face-to-face Board meetings annually, at CoSN and ISTE’s annual conferences and a fall meeting. (board members are not compensated for travel and accommodations)
  • Assist in fundraising by identifying prospective members/donors
  • Commit to serving in leadership positions, including on CoSN committees and activities
  • Recommend qualified volunteer leaders
  • Speak to others about the work of CoSN in order to shine a spotlight on the organization
  • Provide strategic guidance and advice

Board members have experience:

  • Building long-term advocacy or research partnerships in the private and public sectors
  • Implementing collaborative work structures such as communities of practice
  • Participating in and leading state ed tech organizations or CoSN state chapters
  • Designing, organizing, and executing professional learning/advancement events
  • Working with association finances to assess the overall financial health of organization

*Nominees must be current CoSN Members