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CoSN + Cybersecurity Collaborative

The Cybersecurity Collaborative is singularly focused on one thing: the facilitation of a collaborative forum that allows like-minded individuals to openly share information that will collectively make us stronger, and better equipped to protect our enterprises from those seeking to damage them. Created purposely without a larger “corporate” partnership or agenda, we offer complete independence from any “corporate” priorities like data use or product development.

CoSN & AASA Launch Partnership to Bolster Digital Learning Environments in America's School Systems

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, and CoSN, the Consortium for School Networking, have launched a partnership committed to building a community of engaged superintendents and other school system leaders who have the skills and knowledge to bolster dynamic digital learning environments on behalf of K-12 students.

Interoperability and Raytown Quality Schools (Missouri)

I’ve had a strong relationship with CoSN and have supported its goals for quite some time. I’m a founding member and chair-elect of CoSN’s Missouri state chapter and was one of the first people in the U.S. to attain certification as a Certified Education Technology Leader. When the Trusted Learning Environment Seal was being developed, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Raytown Quality Schools being among the first cohort of TLE districts.

edWeb and CoSN Partner to Help Leaders in Rural School Districts Make More Effective Use of Technology

edWeb and CoSN will be launching an online community and series of edWebinars titled, “Tech for Rural Districts.” The program will leverage CoSN’s expertise and network of district leaders to help rural districts with the unique challenges and opportunities that they face with acquiring and implementing technology.

Securing IoT Devices on School Networks

As technologies evolve, the number of internet-enabled devices connected to school networks increases exponentially. Many of these devices, however, were not designed with strong cybersecurity protections. This includes devices that fall into the category of the Internet of Things (IoT), which are everyday objects that connect to the Internet so they can talk to back end applications and/or each other.


Take the online self-assessment quiz to learn where your district sits on CoSN’s Interoperability Maturity Model. Read how districts are increasing interoperability in their ecosystems and gain insights into what you can do in your district under "Case Studies". School District Leaders are also sharing their personal point of view in the CoSN Blog.

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