Cybersecurity in K-12 Education Syllabus

What can the information technology professional do to secure school systems' information infrastructure? CoSN has designed an online course focusing on enterprise security issues for school technology staff. Learn the fundamentals of IT security and provide advanced persistent protection for your students’ information. This self-paced course comprises the following three modules: Network Security, Risks and Controls, as well as Vulnerabilities and Mitigation. There are also to-do activities such as reflection questions and extending your learning as well as summative assessments after each module. 

Module 1: Network Security

  • The OSI Model
  • The Basics

The Elements of a Secure Network

  • The Firewall
  • The Proxy
  • The Router and the Switch
  • The Load Balancer
  • The Security Web Gateway
  • The IDS and IPS
  • The Spam Filter
  • The Virtual Private Network
  • The Sniffer
  • Seven Domains of IT Systems Infrastructure
  • Network Risk Types
  • Applying Network Security Principles
  • Firewall Architecture
  • Network Access Control
  • WiFi Security

Module 1: Check Your Understanding

Module 1: Reflection Questions

Module 1: Extending Your Study

Module 1 Quiz

Module 2: Risks and Controls

  • Basic Security Principles
  • Security Controls
  • Inventory of Devices
  • Inventory of Software
  • Secure Configurations
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Control of Administrative Privileges
  • ...and the rest.
  • Risk Assessment
  • Integration and Privacy
  • RTO and RPO

Module 2: Check for Understanding

Module 2: Reflection Questions

Module 2: Extending Your Study

Module 2: Final Quiz

Module 3: Vulnerability and Mitigation

  • Responding to Incidents
  • Evidence
  • Securing the Human
  • The Way In
  • Social Engineering
  • Technical Attacks
  • System Logs
  • Hardening Systems and Networks
  • Assessment and Scanners
  • The Boxes

Module 3: Check for Understanding

Module 3: Reflection Questions

Module 3: Extending Your Study

Module 3: Final Quiz