Driving K-12 Innovation: 2019 Hurdles

CoSN is pleased to release the first of three publications in the Driving K-12 Innovation series. This first publication focuses on the Hurdles. Hurdles are defined as obstacles that make participants slow down, evaluate, practice and then make the leap to better support teaching and learning. 
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The Chinese translation of the Driving K-12 Innovation series is courtesy of Beijing Open University 
Ongoing Professional Development 
Teachers aren't always privy to or encouraged to pursue continued formal/informal training to upskill. 
Technology and the Future of Work 
Developments in artificial intelligence and robotics are driving changes in the workforce, and schools have a responsibility to understand how emerging technology impacts the skills students need to be successful in their continuing education and careers -- and adjust learning experiences accordingly. 
Pedagogy vs. Technology Gap
When new technologies are introduced and mandated, teachers do not always have sufficient training or professional development to understand how they can integrate into their curriculum and effective practices. 
Digital Equity
Not every student has sufficient internet connectivity or access to tools/technologies; not all schools can afford the latest equipment. 
Scaling & Sustaining Innovation
Whether it be effective teaching practices or technology usage, schools are challenged to adapt what is working well at a small scale and persistently apply it at a school, district, or state level.