Empowered Superintendent Webinar Series

CoSN and edWeb are partnering to present a monthly webinar series on "The Empowered Superintendent" moderated by Ann McMullan, CoSN's Empowered Superintendent Project Director. Each webinar is one hour in length and is held at 5pm ET on the second Monday of the month. Check out the SuperConnected Learning Community for additional information and a listing of upcoming webinars in this series.  
*All webinars will be recorded for those who cannot participate in the live broadcast
Thank you to our partner edWeb.net for sponsoring our monthy Webinar series for Superintendents. 
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Upcoming Webinars:
Cyber Security: Concerns, Strategies, and Solutions for Schools
Monday, November 11, 2019 - 5:00 pm ET
Guest Panelists:
Dr. Peter Aiken, Superintendent, Manheim Central School District, PA
Dr. Michael Lubelfeld, Superintendent of Schools, North Shore School District 112, IL
Dr. Donna Wright, Director of Schools, Wilson County Schools, TN

Past Webinars on edWeb: 
Assuring Student Data Privacy: Lessons For Our Times
Guest Panelists: Dr. Chris Gaines, Superintendent, Mehlville School District, MO, Andrew Moore, CIO, Boulder Valley School District, CO, Linnette Attai, Project Director, CoSN Privacy Initiative and Trusted Learning Environment Program
Leading Digital Transformations: 2020 Update & CoSN’s Driving K-12 Innovation Report
Guest Panelists: Dr. Deborah Kerr, Superintendent of Brown Deer School District, WI, and President of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, Dr. David Schuler, Superintendent of High School District 214, IL and Chair of the CoSN Superintendent Advisory Panel, and Mr. Keith Krueger, CoSN CEO
Smart Network Design for Transformation and Innovation: Reaching in and Beyond the Classroom
Guest panelists: Mr. Matt Miller, Superintendent Lakota Local Schools, OH, Mr. Glenn Robbins, Superintendent, Tabernacle Township School District, NJ, Ms. Frankie Jackson, Independent CTO, Houston, TX
Closing the Homework: Digital Equity for All Students
Guest Panelists: Dr. Carol L. Kelley, Superintendent, Oak Park Elementary School District 97, IL; Michael Arensdorff, Senior Director of Technology, Oak Park Elementary School District 97, IL; David J. Seleb, Executive Director, Oak Park Public Library, IL; Dr. Beth Holland, CoSN Digital Equity Project Director
Strategic Technology Planning and Investment
Guest Panelists: Ms. Ann Linson, Superintendent, East Noble School Corporation, IN; Mr. Randy Squier, Superintendent, Coxsakie-Athens Central School District, NY; Dr. Gabe Soumakian, CEO and Founder, SoupDuJour Consulting Group, CA
Rural Districts Taking the Digital Leap (April 8, 2019)
Guest Panelists: Mr. Ned Kirsch, Superintendent, Franklin West Supervisory Union, VT; Dr. Suzanne Lacey, Superintendent, Talladega County Schools, AL; Dr. Mary Wegner, Superintendent, Sitka School District, AK
Accessibility: Effective, Equitable Learning Environments for All Students
Guest Panelists: Mr. Matthew J. Miller, Superintendent, Lakota Local Schools, OH; Dr. Tom Muzzey, Superintendent, Orchard Farm R-V School District, MO; and Dr. Donna Wright, Director of Schools, Wilson County Schools, TN
Online Assessment: An Evolving Landscape and New Opportunities 
Guest Panelists: Glenn Robbins, Superintendent of Tabernacle Township School District, NJ; and Dr. Donna Wright, Director of Schools, Wilson County Schools, TN
Leadership for Mobile Learning: Creating a Shared Vision
Guest Panelists: Dr. Peter Aiken, Superintendent, Manheim Central School District, PA; Michelle Murphy, Superintendent, Rim of the World School District, CA; and Dr. Randy Ziegenfuss, Superintendent, Salisbury Township School District, PA
Cloud Computing: Taking Advantage of the Latest Technologies
Guest Panelists: Dr. Doug Brubaker, Superintendent, Fort Smith Public Schools, AR; Dr. Hank Thiele, Superintendent, Community HS District 99, IL; and Frankie Jackson, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Superintendent, Cypress Fairbanks ISD, TX
Cybersecurity: A Critical School District Priority
Guest Panelists: Steve Bradshaw, Superintendent, Columbia Falls School District 6, MT; Juan Cabrera, Superintendent, El Paso ISD, TX; and Dr. Gary Lilly, Superintendent, Bristol Tennessee City Schools, TN
Student Data Privacy: A Priority and Essential Commitment
Guests Panelists: Dr. Charles Dumais, Superintendent and Executive Director, Cooperative Educational Services, Trumbull, CT; Dr. Quinn Kellis, Superintendent Dysart Unified School District, Surprise, AZ; and Linnette Attai, Project Director, CoSN Privacy Initiative and Trusted Learning Environment Program
The Empowered Superintendent: Leading Digital Transformations
Guest Panelists: Dr. Chris Gaines, Superintendent of Mehlville School District, MO and current President of AASA, Dr. David Schuler, Superintendent of Township High School District 214, IL and AASA's 2018 Superintendent of the Year
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