IT Crisis Preparedness

Technology programs have grown to touch almost every aspect of activities in modern-day schools, including teaching and learning, data-tracking and record-keeping, internal and external communications, and more. Events in our country such as Hurricane Katrina and the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School have illustrated the need for school technology leaders to be actively involved in crisis preparedness to ensure student safety and business continuity. CoSN helps district technology leaders identify best practices and develop strategies for shutting down and starting up critical services.

Disaster recovery planning for a district’s systems and resources must be a priority for IT crisis management. Disaster recovery of IT-related operations and information is critical to the 24/7 operations of a school district and its overall business continuity planning. 

Communication and the continued availability of services are critical for students, parents, and teachers. This strong reliance on technology presents significant challenges for today’s school technology leaders. Disaster planning is an ongoing process that requires detailed preparation prior to an event and during the recovery phase. 

Infrastructure Disaster Recovery After Water Damage

Leadership for IT Disaster Recovery

Download this brief to learn how to prepare for disaster recovery. 

Learning Continuity Handbook

To help in planning for emergencies, download this AT&T handbook to ensure learning continuity. The advent of influenza strains such as H5N1 (Avian Flu) and H1N1 (Swine Flu) presents a new challenge to education leaders – how to plan for situations that are not one-time events; situations that could last weeks or even an entire semester. AT & T has prepared a Learning Continuity Handbook to provide information to ensure your schools are ready for a potential long-term emergency.

Prepare for Unexpected Events

Use this checklist to identify specific actions that you can take in your school to prepare for an unexpected or catastrophic event.