Managing Technology and Support Resources

Someone working in front of a desk computer

CoSN provides school district technology leaders with the resources to develop, implement, and maintain their IT infrastructure to enable digital learning. School districts need to focus on IT management to ensure that their networks are secure and have the capacities to support transformative technology. District technology leaders are also responsible for thinking about the costs and values of implementing technology plans.

High-stakes online assessments are on their way! Districts nationwide have been faced with new challenges as the Common Core State Standards and other assessments are launched. How can you make sure your network is ready? CoSN's suite of resources is aimed at smoothing districts' transitions to these new assessments.
Technology leaders and policymakers need to protect their networks and information security, analyze their current status, and validate what they are doing well. CoSN provides tools and resources that provide insight into how risk can be further reduced in ways that help technology leaders contribute to their schools' primary goals of teaching and learning. 


Accessibility is essential for leveraging technology and providing educational opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities and English language learners. The toolkit offers resources, tips, and information for state and district leaders on how to ensure that accessibility is part of the educational equation. The goal is to support leaders in being proactive instead of reactive.


Our annual Infrastructure Survey (conducted in partnership with AASA, Forecast5, and MDR) asks K-12 school leaders and technology directors from around America about the state of connectivity in their districts and the impact they've felt from changes to the E-rate program.


Advances in technology make it possible for students to learn anytime and anywhere and experience personalized and individualized learning. These advances can only take place if school systems have networks in place that support the new and dynamic context of learning, but designing those networks requires a high level of technical sophistication. CoSN will help you address the challenges of design by providing the knowledge you need to wisely invest in educational networks for today and tomorrow.


SEND: Cloud is a part of the Smart Education Networks by Design initiative and focuses on creating resources to help district technology leaders understand cloud computing, analyze how using cloud resources as IT-as-a-service supports their goals, and ultimately plan for a shift to the cloud.  


CoSN’s SmartIT initiative reflects the ongoing priority for technology leaders to strategically plan and manage IT investments. We offer tools and resources that contribute to effectively handling your shrinking budget without sacrificing instructional quality.