Help Protect E-rate

The Federal Communications Commission recently invited district technology leaders to provide feedback on the sufficiency of  E-rate's broadband investments within schools ("Category Two" funding). They specifically asked for comments about how this funding has helped E-rate applicants, including their unique geographic and student needs. This analysis may be used by the FCC  to change the  E-rate, so it's critically important that district leaders weigh-in to highlight the success of the program.

CoSN urges you to tell the FCC that you value the E-rate's dedicated funding for WiFi and other within school connections.
Some key points to  emphasize: 
  • E-rate modernization has helped connect 35 million K-12 students to at least 100 kbps of Internet access; 
  • The FCC must protect the funding provided for within school connections, including maintaining the five-year planning and funding window promised to school districts 
  • The  FCC should continue to collect data throughout the 2018 funding year to better understand applicants' internal connections costs and needs. 

Lend your voice to this important effort today!