HoverCam is a trailblazer in the world of education technology, with a proven track record in presenting groundbreaking hardware and software solutions for in-classroom instruction, hybrid, and distance learning. HoverCam began transforming the edutech space with its award-winning line of document cameras that “hover” over teaching content, eventually becoming essential tools for teachers around the world. After seeing a gap in student-teacher engagement due to increasingly complex and discordant technology, the company introduced the world to a new concept: the first wireless digital teaching station. HoverCam’s digital teaching stations combine every essential teaching technology into one fully integrated wireless podium, simplifying and mobilizing the teaching experience while allowing teachers to face their students while they write on their digital whiteboards.


Now, in response to today's challenging distance learning environment, HoverCam is presenting a revolutionary new medium for lesson delivery: eGlass. eGlass is a transparent, illuminated glassboard with a built-in camera that captures an instructor’s face and writing in the same window, dramatically increasing student engagement online and in-class while solving today’s inherent teaching and learning challenges in a simple and awe-inspiring way.


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