Important Letter from the CoSN Board of Directors

Update: December 2015
Dear Members,
It's been a year since CoSN initiated its new membership structure and dues. Thank you so much to those members who demonstrated their commitment and support by renewing. A special thank you also goes to our volunteer leadership and staff who helped to implement these changes seamlessly.
The decision to increase membership dues was a critical step in the growth of CoSN. Dues help CoSN provide the resources necessary to advance our mission and improve learning across the nation. With your support, we look forward to strengthening our existing resources, initiating new programs, and continuing to effectively serve our members 
We hope you will continue the journey with us.
For more information about our dues increase, please see the December 2014 letter from the CoSN Board of Directors below.

December 2014

Dear CoSN Member:

Should CoSN move faster on our strategic priorities? In the last year, we closely examined that question. With a 98 percent member satisfaction rate, we are succeeding thanks to the hard work of our small and extremely effective staff. But we want to do more.

CoSN Revenue

CoSN’s sustainable revenue is derived from these sources – membership dues, sponsorships, and professional advancement events and opportunities. Membership dues are a vital source of funding for the operations of our association and for our ability to provide resources to meet CoSN’s strategic priorities as expressed by our members.

CoSN has had the same dues in place since 2007. However, costs continue to increase year after year limiting our ability to move ahead as quickly as we would like.

Membership Dues to Advance Strategic Priorities

After careful consideration, the CoSN Board of Directors voted to raise membership dues as a way of maintaining our high-quality offerings, delivering important benefits, and achieving CoSN’s critical mission.

Our decision to ask for your additional support did not come lightly or in a vacuum. We collected feedback from our members through surveys and focus groups. You told us that the work CoSN is doing on your behalf is important and must continue today and long into the future. We hope you agree.

Growing CoSN as an Association

The decision to increase membership dues is a critical step in the growth of CoSN. Let us explain why.

As a professional association, CoSN provides resources, tools, and professional advancement opportunities that maintain and enrich our membership at all levels. Our Annual Conference, CTO Clinics, member-only publications, Leadership Initiatives, website, toolkits, and surveys are significant and highly rated member benefits. These benefits incur costs; operating websites, communicating with members, and securing high quality speakers and consultants are expensive.

Your membership dues will allow us to strengthen and expand the resources CoSN provides to its members.

  • Amplify Our Voice & Achieve Policy Victories
    Over the past year, CoSN made a significant effort to educate and inform the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These efforts produced a historic 60 percent increase in E-rate funding – the first major increase since the program’s inception 17 years ago. CoSN was cited nearly 50 times by the FCC in the Final Order in December. We now have to redouble our voice to ensure that other essential components to enable technology and transform learning are implemented.
  • Develop More Actionable Tools & Resources
    CoSN continues to provide cutting-edge resources at no additional cost beyond your membership. For example, our work on Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning created a free suite of resources, including a CoSN-Harvard Law School toolkit on compliance with key federal privacy laws. Likewise, our new  Smart Education Networks by Design initiative gives all school districts the best thinking around designing robust education networks to meet rising demands for broadband and Wi-Fi. In November, as a CoSN member, your district received a customized FREE E-rate LAN/WiFi report. Early this year you will be receiving a new primer on technical standards as well as a new EdTechNext publication on 3D Visualization and Fabrication.
  • Establish Partnerships That Matter
    CoSN will be able to continue building relationships with other professional associations and leveraging their support. This past fall we released refreshed Empowered Superintendent materials that defined the role of the superintendent around technology leadership and identified how to build a powerful district leadership team, including the role of the technology leader/CTO. We also partnered with the National School Boards Association and AASA to create Leading the Digital Leap, an endeavor that shows the importance of all levels of school leadership working together to transform learning through technology. We are developing toolkits with the National Title I Association on Rethinking Equity in a Digital Era. We will be releasing a new vision with the leading mathematics supervisory association on math in a digital era.
  • Perform Research & Capture Data
    Your additional support will allow CoSN to continue to conduct two annual surveys that inform you, the community, and all K-12 stakeholders. The annual IT Leadership Survey provides us with benchmarking data about the priorities and challenges facing our community. Likewise, the annual E-rate and Infrastructure Survey provides you and key policymakers, including the FCC, with needed data on the state of our education networks.

We can accomplish this important work only with your support.

How Much Will Your Dues Increase?

Membership increases will occur in all categories. The small, medium, and large categories increased by 15% - $40 for small district, $115 for medium, and $150 for large. The enrollment ranges also changed with the creation of a mega-large district for those with 50k students or more enrolled.

Institution Size



Mega - Large Institutions
•  Large School District (50,000 + enrolled)



Large Institutions
•  Large School District (10,000 – 49,999 enrolled)
•  Archdiocese
•  Educational Service Agency
•  State Education Agency/State Ed Network
•  Large College or University (50,000+ enrolled)
•  Non-Profit Organization



Medium Institutions
•  Medium School District  (2,501 – 9,999 enrolled)
•  Medium College or University (5,000 - 14,999 students)



Small Institutions
•  Small School District  (under 2,500 students)
•  Private/Charter School
•  Small College or University (under 2,500 students)



These increases are independent of any state chapter dues. If you are in a state with a chapter, please see the chart on CoSN web site.

CoSN is a small association with a big impact. Help us do even more in 2015 and beyond. We are committed to strengthening our profession, growing our community, and ensuring that education leaders can build the capacities of their school systems to use technology as a catalyst for more personalized learning and making the digital leap. We pledge to be good stewards of your member dues and we appreciate the trust you place in us.

Thank you for your incredible support. We are grateful for your commitment to a strong future for education technology leaders across America. Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us, if you have any questions or concerns, at 202-470-2784.


Jean Tower, CoSN Chair

Mike Jamerson, CoSN Chair-Elect