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CoSN Senior Delegation to Ireland

CoSN will be leading a Senior Delegation to Ireland from September 22 - October 1, 2016. Ireland has been a leading player in the development of the technology industry. Since the late 1990s, Ireland has made considerable investments in ICT infrastructure in schools and in training for teachers and other professionals. 

The delegation will visit schools, learn about innovative policies and implementation approaches to ICT, meet with key policymakers and government officials and travel to Northern Ireland/Belfast to meet with Department of Education officials there. Northern Ireland has its own significant history, particularly around a coordinated strategy for the effective use of ICT as an educational and a management tool. They provide a high quality, sustainable ICT infrastructure, connectivity and resources in support of school management, teacher professional development and delivery of the Northern Ireland curriculum.

To learn more about how ICT is being used to transform learning in Ireland, the delegation will visit schools in Dublin, learn about innovative approaches, hear about the Digital Strategy for Schools, meet with key policymakers and government officials and travel to Belfast to meet with Department of Education officials there and visit schools. Thank you to HP for sponsoring the delegation.

We will focus on the following questions:

  • How can an ongoing commitment to ICT investments in education be sustained in the face of economic shifts and cycles?
  • What are the policies that are helping to transforming Irish schools into e-learning environments?
  • How is the government sparking innovation by supporting programs such as the Maker Movement and coding?
  • How is Ireland developing skills essential for the 21st century learner?  
  • What are the main differences between the ICT investment strategies in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland?

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