K-12 Federated Identity and Access Management Task Force

CoSN is part of a national K–12 Federated Identity and Access Management Task Force that is focusing on questions such as: 

  •  What is identity and access management?
  •  What is federated identity and access management?
  •  How can federated identity and access management benefit K–12 schools?
  •  What unique challenges do K–12 schools face in managing user identities and access to online resources?

This task force includes leading organizations and initiatives that promote innovative use of technology in the K–12 and higher education communities: CoSN, InCommon Federation, Internet2 K20 Initiative, and StateNet.

The task force has produced a primer entitled Single Sign-On, Multiple Benefits: A Primer on K-12 Federated Identity Management. Additionally, CoSN developed a paper called Interoperability Standards for K-12 Education: Working Together for a Compatible, Affordable IT Future. This members-only Monograph is part of the 2011 Compendium. An executive summary is available for non-members. Federated IAM is part of a larger K-12 trend toward interoperability--the seamless sharing of data, content and services among systems or applications. 


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Other Resources  

  •      Internet2 Identity and Access Management Info Sheet           
  •      Shibboleth is among the world's most widely deployed federated identity solutions, connecting users to applications both within and between organizations. Every software component of the Shibboleth system is free and open source.
  •      Federated Identity Management Task force Recommendations for Federated Identity in the State of North Carolina for 2010 and Beyond (January 2010). Click here to read the report.