Driving K-12 Innovation

CoSN continues its commitment to sharing high-quality trend reports that support the use of emerging technology in K-12 education to transform learning.

Three short reports will be released throughout the year.  The reports are built around three themes:
  • Hurdles.  Obstacles that make participants slow down, evaluate, practice and then make the leap to better support teaching and learning
  • Accelerators.  Megatrends that drive change – sometimes suddenly other time so gradually the implications aren’t readily apparent.
  • Tech Enablers.  Tools that support smoother leaps over the hurdles and expansive changes in global K-12 education.

Get Involved

This effort will require significant community involvement from people living it every day.  We’re calling on school leaders to join our inaugural Advisory Board aimed to be a global compilation of technology leader/CIO/CTOs, administrators, teachers, other education leaders, futurists and others to ensure the broadest perspective possible on Driving K-12 Innovation.
To indicate your interest in serving on the Advisory Board, complete this form.
We look forward to sharing this ride with you – and creating a suite of amazing resources to support you in your pursuit of transforming teaching and learning.
Thanks to the founding lead sponsors