Driving K-12 Innovation: Tech Enablers

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CoSN is pleased to release the final of three publications in the Driving K-12 Innovation series. This publication focuses on Tech Enablers. Tech Enablers are tools that support smoother leaps over the hurdles and expansive changes in global K-12 education. The top five Tech Enablers advancing teaching and learning innovation are below, arranged in order of soonest to furthest from being adopted by school worldwide, at scale, according to the Advisory Board. View all the survey questions, data, and the larger list of Tech Enablers considered here.
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The 2020 results are in! Learn more below. 
Top 5 most important Tech Enablers for schools leverage in 2020 in order to surmount Hurdles and embrace Accelerators:
  1. Digital Collaboration Platforms
  2. Tools for Privacy & Safety Online
  3. Analytics and Adaptive Technologies
  4. Cloud Infrastructure
  5. Mobile Devices


Top 5 Tech Enablers in order of the immediacy of its adoption at scale by schools worldwide, as ranked by the advisory board (Scores reflect the average score out of 5, 1 being the most immediate adoption; 5 being the furthest away from adoption:

Top 5 Tech Enablers currently experienced by the advisory board members who are working in a school, district, or a K-12 organization focused on teaching and learning:

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