Leadership for Mobile Learning, Syllabus

A "Mobile Learning" tablet with a spoon and a fork on each of its side

Leadership for Mobile Learning, Online Course Syllabus

This course is designed for school leaders who want to transform their learning organizations through the thoughtful use of mobile technologies. The goal of this course is to prepare educational leaders to plan, implement, and evaluate mobile learning initiatives using a sound knowledge base and exemplars of best practice. CoSN's Leadership for Mobile Learning (LML) initiative helps educational leaders overcome the barriers and develop, plan, implement, and manage policies and best practices to effectively enable mobile learning. Digital transformation is becoming a reality in many districts, while others are just beginning their journey. The LML initiative provides resources that are on-point and relevant to district leaders in the “new normal” of constant change. 6 CEA Credits toward CETL® recertification. 



  • Evolving role of mobile learning in schools
  • What is the status of mobile learning in your district?
  • CoSN’s framework of essential skills
  • CoSN’s framework for digital transformation
  • What is digital transformation?
  • Seven keys to unlocking school transformation with media
  • Progress towards digital transformation
  • Course goals and objectives
  • Resources for mobile learning

Best and Emerging Practices in Mobile Learning

  • What is best practice?
  • What we know about mobile learning
  • How is mobile learning impacting education?
  • What ideas are developing?
  • Collaboration, analytics and ownership
  • Activity: Connectivity, collaboration, analytics and ownership

Transformational Practice

  • Transformational practice
  • Student outcomes
  • Educator outcomes
  • Culture
  • Reflection: transformational practice
  • Resources for digital transformation

Role of Pedagogy

  • Why is mobile pedagogy relevant?
  • Examples of best practice with mobile pedagogy
  • Examples of emerging practice with mobile pedagogy
  • Questions for reflection
  • Continued learning activity


  • Visioning and mobile learning
  • What strategies are effective for visioning mobile learning?
  • Examples from the field.
  • Resources for visioning
  • Reflction: visioning


  • Planning and Mobile Learning
  • Why is planning important to mobile learning
  • What should mobile learning plans address?
  • Examples from the field
  • Resources for planning
  • Reflection: planning


  • Implementation of mobile learning
  • What is the role of leadership?
  • Common pitfalls during implementation
  • Examples from the field
  • Resources
  • Reflection: implementing
  • Continued learning activity


  • Evaluating mobile learning initiatives
  • Critical questions about evaluation
  • Examples from the field
  • Resources for evaluation
  • Reflection

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuous improvement for mobile learning
  • Staging continuous improvement
  • Documenting continuous improvement
  • Examples from the field
  • Resources for continuous improvement
  • Reflection


  • Next steps
  • CoSN resources
  • Culminating activity and assessment