Global Leadership

CoSN is committed to a global dialogue focused on the strategic uses of technology in education. We fundamentally believe that effective use of technology requires a global understanding and perspective, and we accomplish this through meetings, delegations, and collaborative efforts with global thought-leaders.

International Delegations


Just Announced! 2018 Delegation to Norway and Finland

CoSN will lead a delegation to Norway and Finland, September 21- September 30, 2018. For further information, contact Irene Spero, Chief Strategy Officer.

Thanks to HP, the lead sponsor of the delegation. Additional support is provided by 3D Bear, Inc. 


New report: Delegation to New Zealand: Education Innovation Down Under

Thank you to HP for its support of the CoSN Delegation to New Zealand.

Delegation to Ireland: A Tale of Two Cities

Members of the delegation met with policymakers and visit schools from September 22 - October 1. Learn about what the delegation was up to while they were there, by viewing the agenda. Also, get up to the minute information by following the blog. The CoSN delegation to Ireland was made possible with support from HP.

Delegation to India - Incredible India: Endless Possibilities

Ireland delegation members

The experiences of the CoSN Delegation to India took place on November 12-23, 2015. The delegation met with key government and education officials as well as leading NGOs to get a first-hand look at the role of technology in India’s formal and informal education systems. They also visited both public and private schools to get a better sense of how technology is being used in learning. Incredible India focused on these observations and poses some related questions for policymakers and educators outside of India, particularly in the United States and Canada, to consider. The CoSN Delegation to India was made possible with support from HP.

Delegates also blogged in the minute thoughts during their trip, produced a video and participated in a webinar.


Past Delegations

Our other 2015 delegation visited Singapore from January 9-17, 2015 and explored ICT in Singapore's schools and government. Thank you to Lightspeed Systems and Pearson for their generous support of this delegation. Download the official delegation report for a comprehensive exploration of what the CoSN team learned.

CoSN has also led delegations to Europe (2002), Australia (2004), Scandinavia (2007), Scotland and the Netherlands (2009), London and Paris (2011), South America (2011), and Portugal (2013).

Annual International Symposium

For over a decade, CoSN has been convening education technology leaders from around the world to work together during the International Symposium at our Annual Conference. Each year’s Symposium focuses on a different theme, but the goal is to create systemic conversations and share best practices around the use of technology to transform learning. This year's CoSN/UNESCO International Symposium, "Connected Learning: Implications for Schooling from Informal Learning," explored the connections between formal learning in school systems and informal learning outside of the classroom.

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CoSN will lead a delegation to Norway and Finland, September 21- September 30, 2018. For further information, contact Irene Spero, Chief Strategy Officer.