A Member Perspective on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

It’s hard to gain a true sense of how well your district is doing if you examine your accomplishments and roadblocks in isolation. This is why CoSN has partnered with ActPoint® KPI Management System to provide you with the data you need to benchmark yourself against other similar districts.

To help make benchmarking even easier, we provide CoSN members with access to a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). Simply sign up to take advantage of this free trial where you will have access to data in three crucial categories.

Earlier this month, we chatted with CoSN member Craig Williams about his experience using key performance indicators. Craig is the Director of Information Services at School District U-46 in Illinois, a large district which serves over 40,000 students from 11 different communities at 56 school sites.

Managing such a sprawling district comes with significant logistical challenges. According to Craig, “getting equipment and software up to date” across all schools has been his biggest challenge over the past 5 years in his current role. He was able to address this challenge in part using our three free KPIs:

  • Devices – average age of computers
  • IT spending per student
  • Network – bandwidth per students (kbps)

Craig found the data he received from the bandwidth KPI to be particularly helpful in making purchasing decisions. School District U-46 learned to “not go so nuts on bandwidth purchases” to instead find a “right-size solution.” Based on the average age of computers KPI, Craig says he “found out we weren’t so bad off in terms of the age of computers…This gave me some peace of mind that our equipment was not as outdated as I’d thought.”

Of course, not every district will be ahead of the curve, but whether you’re at the forefront or lagging behind, receiving concrete data from key performance indicators can help you assess your overall situation. Don’t try to do it in isolation – you might find, like Craig, that several of your assumptions aren’t quite accurate. Instead, rely on existing data to see how your district is doing on these key metrics.

Learn more about CoSN’s KPI Benchmarking project and sign up for your three free KPIs today!