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School district technology leaders are charged with planning, developing, and implementing complex projects that involve team members from different departments. These leaders need a variety of skills to help them successfully implement and manage complex projects. 

To help you hone those skills, CoSN, Project Management Institute (PMI), and Project Management Institute Educational Foundation are pleased to offer CoSN members 5 e-learning courses at special member rates. Additionally, CoSN members will have access to PMI’s e-learning catalog, resources, and articles.

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This online, self-paced course will benefit anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of managing projects, with a focus on preparing for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® credential exam. Successful completion of this course provides the contact hours needed to meet the credential application requirements.
If you’re just getting started in project management or are new to working with project teams (or have stakeholders or colleagues who are!), this is must-have training. Our 12-hour course provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of project management. Designed for project team members, stakeholders and “accidental” project managers, this self-paced training demonstrates how to “speak” project management and grasp the basics. Make meetings and projects more efficient to enable extraordinary outcomes. Become familiar with the tools, verbiage and process that are important components of every project.
Travel to Waterfall Island where you serve as a PMO director and guide the transformation of your office from a waterfall-based to an agile-based PMO. Explore the jungle, caves, and ancient cities of Waterfall Island to uncover or discover the differences between waterfall and agile management. Join a virtual team of your peers who are facing the same challenges and risks with the eSeminarsWorld course, Agile in the Program Management Office. In this interactive eSeminarsWorld course, you learn from an expert instructor, share your positive and negative experiences with your peers, and network on the emerging topic of Agile in the PMO.
It’s a game of chance. As you progress through the processes of change management you will calculate the risks of the choices you make when creating a change management plan, engaging with stakeholders, countering resistance to change, and measuring the effectiveness of implemented changes to meet strategic goals. Spin the wheel and see which program metric is in the red, cut the deck and see which stakeholder is on the rampage. Response strategically to meet your program’s goals. Confident in your choices? Double down on your skills and hit the jackpot!
Why take one step forward when you can take three? This three-course eLearning track shows you how to command a project by effectively communicating with the people whose support you need mostexecutives and sponsors. Learn proven techniques to clearly communicate ‘upward’ to senior leadership, navigate the C-suite and leverage your potential to get what you (and your project) need from executives. If your goal is project success, you need to speak their languageand now you can!