Ed Tech Next report: Making the Most of Computing Performance Virtualization - Spring, 2009

Description     2009 ETN Report: Computing Performance Virtualization  With funding evaporating in harsh economic times, districts and schools are struggling to stretch every dollar. Optimizing technology performance by squeezing the most out of every computing device in a "virtualized" environment could be a cost-effective strategy--and one that also delivers educational benefits. This EdTech Next Report outlines different types of virtual computing and the benefits of virtualization. The report details for technology leaders a number of forms of virtualization and how each type works in practice, including desktop, server, application, storage, network and data center virtualization. The report also features a brief case study, which discusses how the Arlington County Public School District in Arlington, Virginia, has used end-use workstation and server virtualization to manage its technology infrastructure. This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN. For more information on the Ed-Tech Series, please click here.