Leadership and Collaboration for Better Broadband - October 2010

Description This report details how school districts across the country are overcoming broadband connectivity challenges through collaboration. Chief technology officers and other education leaders shared their views on the topic during a CoSN CTO Forum held in partnership with the National School Boards Association on October 21, during the NSBA T+L Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. A crisis in connectivity may be coming to your district. One-to-one laptop initiatives, web 2.0 collaboration tools, and the increasing use of personal computing devices mean that students, teachers and administrators have a rapidly growing need for high-speed, reliable network access to deliver on the promise of a connected classroom. Given the infrastructure, expertise and funding required for high-bandwidth connectivity, few schools, districts and ESAs will have the resources to achieve success on their own, which is why district, state, and regional leaders are forming coalitions and partnerships that give them negotiating power and more comprehensive services. This sort of collaboration also makes it easier to tap into broadband funding from the federal government to support its National Broadband Plan and National Educational Technology Plan For more information on CTO Forums, click here.