Ed Tech Next report: 3G And Beyond: Smart Mobile Devices and e-Readers - Spring, 2010

Description  2010 ETN Report: 3G and Beyond Third generation, or 3G, mobile or cellular technology for wireless Internet access to voice, video and data services can be used simultaneously by students and educators. This EdTechNext Report explores how small, handheld devices may have potential to advance K-12 education in substantial new ways and helps answer the question of how “all-in-one” devices could transform teaching and learning. The report explores the functionality and capabilities of seven leading mobile devices—smart phones, smart devices, e-readers, netbooks, tablets, smartbooks and tablet e-readers—and examines their educational potential. It indicates they can be leveraged to personalize and differentiate learning; create opportunities for extended research, learning and creativity and foster the collaborative development of applications, or apps, within the classroom setting. The report gives specific examples of how schools are using smart devices in innovative ways and provides guidance on educational, technical and funding considerations educators should keep in mind before implementing.This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN.