Raising the BAR: Becoming Assessment Ready: White Paper

Description This is truly an exciting time for education in this country. We have an opportunity to transform from Industrial Age school systems that are more group focused to Information Age schools systems that are much more customized to the unique needs of individual children, while providing all students greater access to content, resources and support. The opportunity exists for transformation to take place not only at the classroom level, but also in the way schools and central offices across the country function to meet the needs of students. In order to achieve this needed transformation, education will finally be moving technology from the sidelines of education to center stage, not as the focus of teaching and learning but as an essential tool in creating the environments of success we so earnestly need for all children. Our White Paper is the cornerstone of our Raising the BAR Toolkit and will give you all the information you need to get your district assessment ready. CoSN's Raising the BAR project is conducted in partnership with ENA (Education Networks of America) and the eLearn Institute.