Serving Our Customers: Meeting Today's Students and Teachers on Their Own Terms - March 2011

Description In March, 2011, the CoSN CTO Council hosted a conversation at the CoSN Annual Conference.  Panelists, including Karen Cator, director of the U.S. Office of Educational Technology, Sarah Brown Wessling, the 2010 National Teacher of the Year, and Grant Bourque, a student at Benjamin Franklin High School in Orleans Parish, LA, talked about what today’s students need from technology. Cator explored the following concepts related to our schools as learning environments: competency-based learning, vibrant learning paces, engaging students, learning how to measure the engagement, soliciting input and innovating to address budget issues. Wessling discussed: deconstruction is key, practice is important, growing master moments, a growth rather than a fixed mindset, the space between ideal and reality, we can grow good teachers and authentic learning for teachers. Bourque shared his advice: rethink the value of wasted time, rethink homework, let students tell you what works for them, be willing to change and worry about the right things.   For more information on CTO Forums, please click here.