EdTechNext Report: Small Screens, Big Plans - Spring, 2014

Description Small Screens, Big Plans: Building Mobile into Your Content and Application and Strategy This EdTechNext report examines approaches that can help districts and schools “go mobile” to deliver information and application services to students, parents, teachers and administrators. Mobile devices offer capabilities that are not always possible with traditional computers, which means that schools need to think about the best ways to offer what their communities want. This report presents: •Six steps for developing a mobile content strategy •Common features in district and mobile apps •Questions to ask mobile app vendors •Three approaches to developing mobile apps—developing apps specifically for mobile platforms, developing a customized website tailored to displaying well on mobile devices, and taking a hybrid approach that provides the best of both the mobile app and mobile website worlds. The report, developed by CoSN’s Emerging Technology Committee, highlights technical considerations, pros and cons, and examples of how some district and schools are making the shift to mobile content—and mobile app curriculum.