21st Century Networks for 21st Century Schools: Making the Case for Broadband

Description As the EDUCAUSE publication, A Blueprint for Big Broadband, puts it, “The constraints that inadequate broadband connections pose are vast when considering the trend towards online high stakes testing, database management, school Web presence and communication with parents, collaborative research projects, and video streaming.” How much bandwidth does your school district need? This article provides advice on how—and why—to cost-effectively upgrade to broadband. The monograph, part of the2009 CoSN Compendium, includes case studies of one district and one state that has invested in a fiber infrastructure, greatly increasing bandwidth while generating important savings; information on pricing and purchasing Internet access and transport; additional advice on increasing bandwidth; and a look at the federal ARRA legislation and how it might be used to support infrastructure upgrades and migration to higher bandwidth. This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN. August 2013