Social Networking: Personalized Content, Conversations and Communities - Summer, 2009

Description     2009 ETN Report: Social Networking  Social networking is no mere diversion. Some believe that social networking is emerging as a formidable educational tool that will have a profound and potentially transformative impact on the way students--and adults--learn. This report explores the educational potential of social networking tools and Web 2.0 applications. CoSN's Web 2.0 Leadership and Policy Initiative is designed to assist schools as they adapt to the new reality of the Web 2.0 world where collaborative online tools provide powerful learning resources for students inside the classroom and beyond. The report identifies and explains several types of social networking tools, including Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, Web platforms such as Ning and online tools like VoiceThread and SchoolTube. The report also provides examples of ways in which educators are using these applications to augment teaching and learning, and includes technical and education-related considerations for incorporating such tools in classroom curriculum.  This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN. For more information on the Ed Tech Next Series, click here.