Webinar 2-10-2015: Designing Smart Ed Networks: IT Infrastructure that Supports Digital Learning

Description Once districts commit to digital transformations, the requirements on district networks become non-linear. With 1:1 implementations, several factors combine to make growth in capacity demand exponential. Many districts experience 60% year-over-year growth – something akin to a Moore’s law of demand, doubling every 18 months. As the mission criticality increases, districts are looking for high availability networks, often in the 4-5 “nines” availability range. And districts that are supporting BYOD networks are finding that in many schools they need to support multiple devices per student, leading to an increase of an order in magnitude of devices as compared to the times when they were merely supporting devices for staff and computer labs. These higher performance expectations change the way leading districts are designing and implementing their network infrastructure. Hear from: Marie Bjerede, Project Director, CoSN; Mark Finstrom, CETL, CTO, Highline School District; Karen McGonigle, CETL, Director of Technology, Nantucket Public Schools; Frankie Jackson, CETL, CTO, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD.