Cloud Computing: A Billowing Virtual Infrastructure for Services and Savings - Winter, 2009/10

Description     2010 ETN Report: Cloud Computing  The Internet is where the action is with cloud computing—for many, a hazy concept, but one that could yield solid technical and educational efficiencies and other benefits for schools. Some experts call cloud computing a “new paradigm” and “disruptive technology” that will transform the established computing industry. The term “cloud ” is often used as a metaphor for the Internet. This EdTechNext Report describes various types of cloud computing and discusses potential benefits—device independence and interoperability; reduced ongoing capital expenditures, physical space requirements and utility costs; reduced burden on technical support staff; reliability; collaboration and distributed learning; access to computing resources and more efficient use of time. The report additionally addresses technical considerations and provides reality checks for consideration on topics such as bandwidth, security, reliability and redundancy. For more information on Ed Tech Next Reports please click here. This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN.