CTO Forum Report, April 2016: Building on the Past to Invent the Future

Description Download a full report from our April 2016 CTO Forum, presented at the CoSN 2016 Annual Conference in Washington, DC. 25 years ago we connected to the internet by modem and PPP and witnessed the birth of Linux. Today, technology leaders are leading the transformation in education as mobile devices provide students access anytime and anywhere. The challenge to CTOs is not only to lead the digital leap from a technology point of view, but also to align human and technology resources to anticipate and support future needs. CTOs play a pivotal role in inventing the future. The CTO forum will answer questions such as: What lessons can we learn by reflecting our past, and how can CTOs' "look beyond the horizon" help our organizations to invent the future for students and staff learning. The forum will explore answers through a rich, interactive panel discussion and with breakout table discussions with colleagues. Read more about CoSN CTO Forums here.