CTO Forum Report, March 2014: Demonstrating Your Value to the Superintendent & District

Description Evolving Leadership Roles The forum started off with panelists looking at the evolving roles of district CTOs/CIOs and the value they bring to the table. According to Bill Rust, in the past 20 years the district technology leader has gone from being “Dr No” to “Dr Know” – from a manager and tactician to a leader and strategist. For district leaders, said Rust, it is no longer good enough to focus on questions such as student/computer ratios or maintaining the machines. The best CIOs are school leaders who understand issues related to curriculum and education as well as the business of educating students – including how to get the best value in terms of cost, time spent, and numbers of people served – and also take into account the values and needs of the stakeholders.  For more information on the CTO Forums, click here.