Ed Tech Next report: Ultraportables: Evolutionary Devices or a Revolutionary Breed - Fall, 2007

Description     2007 ETN Report: Ultraportables  Many of the innovations of ultraportable laptops are inspired by emerging and third world markets, where educational technology capacity and infrastructures may be sparse. Developers are bent on providing affordable, full-feature computing and Internet access to close the digital divide—and they are putting the needs of children and the goals of learning front and center. This report discusses the educational potential of ultraportables to transform teaching and learning in U.S. schools as well by giving students ubiquitous computing and network access. Possibilities discussed include anytime, anywhere learning; connectivity; social interactivity; context sensitivity; and customized instruction. Included are technical considerations and resources to learn more. This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN. For more information on teh Ed Tech Next Series, please click here.