eContent--The Accelerating Shift from Print to Digital - Summer, 2011

Description  2011 ETN Report: Print to Digital This EdTechNext Report explores the transformative role of eContent in today’s K-12 classroom. The report also examines its educational impact and highlights how one school district has successfully leveraged eContent and mobile device strategies. It outlines new ideas for education leaders to help them effectively integrate eContent into schools and details the benefits of eContent, including increasing student engagement, achievement and the use of cloud computing, as well as helping district leaders to mitigate the impact of budget constraints. According to the report, budgets can be better managed if districts take simple measures such as expanding the use of free and credible digital resources and creating more engaging learning environments. The report also provides technical and educational considerations for education technology leaders to help them develop an effective eContent plan. Lastly, the report provides industry perspectives on eContent and how eContent is reshaping teaching and learning.This is a members-only publication and can only be downloaded and viewed by current members of CoSN.