Samsung provides enterprise IP phone systems and carrier-grade Wi-Fi to educational institutions and enterprises around the world.

Yesterday’s Wi-Fi was mostly about connecting computers and other stationary devices to the school network. Samsung’s wireless network solution offers a glimpse into the future of Wi-Fi and advanced learning - a future where students can be on the move and everything is connected, most of the time. Samsung significantly differentiates its solution from commodity Wi-Fi by using the same foundational technologies seen in their wireless LTE radio access products and award winning mobile devices. Simply put, it means a future ready Wi-Fi solution that performs a lot more like cellular when it comes to moving between access points while keeping the connection up and providing service to tens of thousands of people at the same time. This “cellular like” approach also assures an extended coverage range and far fewer coverage holes.

The US Wi-Fi portfolio includes a complete range of enterprise wireless access points, controllers and software designed especially for high-density environments: Indoor, severe weatherproof Outdoor, Security, Mesh and very soon APs to power the Internet of Things. With Samsung Wi-Fi, school IT teams can efficiently and cost effectively support their schools growing needs for wireless network access, BYOD and other large initiatives.

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