Selection & Implementation Templates

Large number 3 and large D with caption Data-Driven Decision Making
As part of our Closing the Gap project, we developed these tools that address key issues in using data to enhance instructional efforts, including the importance of involving a variety of stakeholders and delivering comprehensive role-based and systemic training.
Please click the titles below to download customizable versions of our Selection & Implementation Templates.
Helps to describe the scope, objectives, and participants associated with the change initiative; completing the other tools and templates provides content for the project charter sections.
Helps outline key responsibilities of primary stakeholders and project team members.
A presentation template for a workshop to guide districts through the process of defining the goals and objectives for the change initiative.
Provides guidance and best practices on change management, a structure for identifying key messages that need to be communicated and which stakeholders need to receive them, and a vehicle for communicating.
Provides guidance on identifying information to be collected, sources of the data, and information about how the data will be used to inform district decisions at multiple levels (e.g. classroom, school, or district).
Provides guidance on key professional development and training components to consider.
Provides guidance on the types of cost components critical to SIS or LMS implementation estimates.
Provides guidance on critical project tasks to include in the project plan and schedule.
A checklist to help ensure that critical success factors are addressed for a typical project. The planner includes sponsorship; alignment with district strategic goals; readiness of teachers and other stakeholders to use data to inform instruction; cost; and technology factors.