State Chapter FAQ

Are you interested in forming a state chapter, but not sure where to start? Get the answers to some of your peers' frequently asked questions, or reach out to the membership department at

The CoSN state chapter model is a strong partnership model which blends member benefits, resources, specific programming, and robust options for professional development to meet the needs of more people in the state. CoSN’s main audience is district leaders, particularly those in charge of technology – Chief Technology Officers (CTOs). Our resources strengthen and elevate your organization’s ability to provide comprehensive professional development opportunities for technology leaders in your state. By creating a CoSN chapter, you will be serving the specific and unique needs of school system technology leaders.

What is a state chapter?

A state chapter is an organization that consists of a group of CoSN members working towards the CoSN mission locally. This organization is chartered by CoSN national to have exclusive territorial jurisdiction over a defined geographical area that is to be no smaller than an individual state. CoSN State Chapters either exist under their own 501c(3)s or are incorporated under an existing organization. 

What is the value of having a CoSN chapter in my state?

Over the past decade, CoSN has worked with our state partners to establish chapters. These chapters expand upon the many benefits and resources that CoSN national provides to its members by creating programming and professional development that are state/territory specific. Contact CoSN Membership to connect with CoSN state chapter leaders and hear first-hand examples of how these partnerships bring resources and people together.

What are the requirements I have to fulfill to form a CoSN state chapter?

There are three main requirements for starting a CoSN state chapter. You must compile a dedicated and geographically diverse group of leaders who will represent, lead, and support the chapter. Secondly, you need to form your own 501c(3) with support from CoSN national or incorporate under an existing organization. Lastly, you must be committed to providing professional development opportunities within the state and working with CoSN to share the tools and resources locally.

Can my state organization become a CoSN state chapter if it's already affiliated with ISTE or another national association?

Yes. CoSN currently has 27 state chapters and 7 are also ISTE affiliated. We also have chapters that are organized under umbrella organizations that serve superintendents, budget officers, principals, and other education leaders. We have also affiliated with preexisting state technology leadership organizations. There are many ways to set up a state chapter!

If I don’t have a CoSN state chapter in my state, what can I do?

The CoSN state chapter model is growing, and our goal is to have a chapter in every state soon. We suggest you find the nearest state chapter and communicate with them directly about opportunities to get involved; for example, you could join a CETL study group or participate in their local CTO Clinic. For a list of state chapters and their contact information, click here. If you would like to help organize a new state chapter, please email CoSN Membership is an important resource in answering specific questions related to the formation of a chapter. 

Do I need to have a state chapter in order to hold a CTO Clinic?

Yes. The CoSN CTO Clinic is one of our signature events and is recognized around the country as a leading professional development opportunity designed for district technology leaders/CTOs. However, we do work with many states to provide speakers and content for their local meetings and conferences even in the absence of a state chapter.  

How do I become a leader in my CoSN State Chapter?

Existing chapters are always looking for volunteers -- volunteer at an event or run for a leadership position (most chapters elect leaders yearly). If your state doesn't have a chapter yet, you can work with other technology leaders in your state to develop a CoSN State Chapter.

How do State Chapters and CoSN National stay connected?

The biggest and most successful way CoSN National and State Chapters stay connected is through regular check-in calls scheduled for three times a year. In addition to serving on committees, the CoSN Network, and working on joint events and projects, CoSN Chapters are required to submit a quarterly State Chapter Report. The report is due each year in March, June, and October. Reminders about the reporting process and deadlines are frequently communicated to the chapter.