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Real People – Real Challenges – Real Solutions

Desert Sands Unified School District (CA), is a leader in educational technology, digital equity, and innovation. I had the great opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Kelly May Vollmar Ed.D., the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services and CoSN Board Member to chat about her school district's experience in the pandemic and what the school district is working on in EdTech for the next school year.

Q: What are the biggest lessons you learned from transitioning your district to online learning? 

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As a lifelong learner, I am thrilled to be the newest member of the CoSN team. Our team and its members provide significant support for technology leaders K-12 institutions. In addition, CoSN has a wide variety of membership resources, including nurturing a community of peers for collaboration, vehicles for sharing knowledge, and opportunities for professional development to create and grow quality, equitable learning environments for all students. 

The COVID-19 crisis changed education. Now teachers are rethinking the future of learning.

The 2020 school year was like no other, proving that no matter the challenges and obstacles, teachers will do whatever it takes to engage their students in learning. As the COVID-19 crisis turned kitchen tables and living rooms into classrooms overnight — teachers, students, and families grappled with the challenges of remote learning. In the process, educators learned more about what works and what doesn’t for students. Everything needed to be rethought, as Ridgefield, New Jersey middle school math teacher Jamie Rifkowitz attests.

I’ve been thinking about… Data Systems and Our LGBTQ+ Students, Parents and Staff

As Chair of CoSN’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and a former Chief Technology and Information Officer, I’ve been thinking about school district student and staff data. In particular, how school districts record student gender and parents/guardians in their student information system and how districts could potentially record preferred names and pronouns in human resource applicant tracking systems in preparation for employee interviews.

CoSN Honors EdTech Champions Driving Innovation in U.S. School Districts During 2021 Annual Conference

CoSN today announced this year’s education technology award winners during its Annual Conference. The 2021 winners are individuals and groups that are driving innovative teaching and learning in school districts across the United States by championing the equitable use of technology in both in-person and virtual classrooms.
CoSN’s 2021 award winners are: