The TCC will assist Utah school districts in understanding how to plan for the use and successful implementation of information technology in Utah school districts and advocate for district technology needs to improve student learning.

Our purpose for forming this organization is fourfold:
1. To advocate for the development of educational technology leaders within the State of Utah.
2. To provide for ongoing professional development of educational technology leaders
3. To ensure that educational technology is fully integrated into the educational process and supports
effective teaching and learning.
4. To learn from a broader community of educational technology leaders represented by CoSN.

Guy Durrant UTCC Co-Chair
Tim Smith - CoSN Chapter Chair
CUES - Paul James - (2019)
NUES - Guy Durrant - (2018)
SEDC - Kevin Chapman - Millard (2020)
SESC - Aaron Brewer - San Juan (2019)
Wasatch Central - Jim Langston (2019)
Wasatch North - Duane Singleton (2019)
Wasatch South - Scot McCombs UTCC Co-Chair (2019)
SERVICE CENTERS - Jason Strate, Duke Mossman, Derek Larsen, Robert Potts
UEN - Jim Stewart and Cory Stokes
USBE - Rick Gaisford